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  1. IHRC welcomes move by the EU to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights Persons with Disabilities and urges Government to do the same [Press Release] - Issued 3 Dec 2009
  2. Irish Human Rights Commission welcomes Oireachtas debate on Civil Partnership Bill 2009 [Press Release] - Issued 3 Dec 2009
  3. Human Rights Commissions Launch Consultation on the Rights of Migrant Workers on the Island of Ireland [Press Release] - Issued 3 Dec 2009
  4. IHRC warmly welcomes proposal for a new EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Civil Liberties [Press Release] - Issued 30 Oct 2009
  5. IHRC calls on Parliamentarians to ensure human rights bodies are sufficiently resourced to meet the commitments set out in the Good/Belfast Agreement [Press Release] - Issued 19 Oct 2009
  6. IHRC to appear before Supreme Court to raise human rights issues in Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006 case [Press Release] - Issued 9 Oct 2009
  7. Conditions in Irish Prisons are a breach of human rights law IHRC calls for immediate action on Inspector of Prisons' recommendations [Press Release] - Issued 1 Oct 2009
  8. IHRC urges Government to Sign New UN Protocol Offering greater Protection for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [Press Release] - Issued 22 Sep 2009
  9. IHRC welcomes new Standards for Prisons and calls on the Prison Services to implement them [Press Release] - Issued 30 Jul 2009
  10. IHRC launches its 2008 Annual Report [Press Release] - Issued 10 Jul 2009
  11. IHRC says blanket extension of Special Criminal Court powers to deal with organised crime not human rights compliant [Press Release] - Issued 30 Jun 2009
  12. Call for action to meet human rights obligations on demand in relation to sex trafficking and prostitution [Press Release] - Issued 23 Jun 2009
  13. Irish Human Rights Commission calls on Government to support reforms that will allow cases be heard more quickly by the European Court of Human Rights [Press Release] - Issued 3 Jun 2009
  14. More Safeguards needed for Surveillance Bill to be fully human rights compliant [Press Release] - Issued 28 Apr 2009
  15. Ireland figures among the worst of all EU countries in an EU survey of racial discrimination & abuse IHRC calls for proper resources to protect the rights of ethnic and immigrant communities [Press Release] - Issued 22 Apr 2009
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